Fun Date Friday: Corn Maze!!!

I originally blogged this on my love at the speed of life, but thought I would share it on here too. Corn Maze: Harvest Fun!


One of my go-to things to do every autumn is a corn maze. Now, I’m not in to haunted things. I

My brother and his lovely fiance My brother and his lovely fiance

love thrills, don’t get me wrong. I don’t scare easily either. I just find that the thought of zombies and chainsaw murderers, and disfigured horror show characters just basically gross me out a bit.

My adorable little niece!!! My adorable little niece!!! in her daddy’s hat

There are many hours to go to corn mazes, however, to go to corn mazes and not fear that you will meet with any gruesome, blood dripping, guts hanging mess of a group.

Now, if that is your thing, the last few weeks before Halloween, most mazes hold haunted wanderings after dark. I am just going to stick to my daytime hours.

This year, I had the joy of attending two corn mazes: one with the gentleman I am going out…

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Tropical smoothie cafe: take 2-tacos 

Today, I am back at Tropical Smoothie Cafe off Oberlin road in Raleigh. I got the “choose any two” tacos. My choices were Korean bow steak, and Thai chili steak. 

I am not disappointed. The Thai has a hint of red curry, while he barbecue is. Sweet and savory just as I had hoped. The newly cut vegetables lend a freshness that makes the dish extraordinary. 

For a drink I added a smoothie for a reduced price. The detox island green was my choice today. With spinach, kale, mango, and pineapple it is sweet on its own and needs no sweetener added.  


Tropical Smoothie Cafe 

I have not yet started to eat and tropical smoothie cafe, just a short walk from my new job, has already started to feel like a mini vacation! The tropical colors, island paintings, and wood interior make me feel like I have traveled to a tropical paradise.

  And another great thing: it’s healthy! My Mediterranean bowl here is whole grain: quinoa, and brown rice, vegetable, fresh spinach, and chicken. It rings in at an astoundingly low 396 calories. That is great for so mug and for a quick lunch out.

Better yet, I just ate my first few bites and it is delicious! This is a must try for anyone. Even if you are not in to health food this place is great!

Dalat Oriental

WheW! It has been a while since I have put a new post out on this blog! Well, then: here is to starting anew.

Today I visited a little restaurant near NC State Campus. It is called Dalat Oriental Restaurant. This was my second visit.

I had been looking for a place that sells decent Banh Mi and Pho. Though I have not tried the Pho yet, I can tell you that the quality of the Banh Mi is incredible!!!

IMG_9832If you have somewhere to be, ordering ahead is definately the way to go, as both times, my sandwich took almost 40 minutes to be ready (they have a huge back up on to-go orders.) That being said, the sandwiches are WORTH IT! The bread amazes me. I am not usually a bread person, but the bread on this thing is the perfect density! It holds together well, has pleasant texture, butIMG_9831 is easy to bite in to. I chose the spicy beef both times because you do get your choice of meat. This is put on in a generous portion above cucumbers, and below lightly pickled carrots, cilantro, cucumber shavings, and thinly sliced hot peppers.

Today, I think the cooks had a laugh as my peppers are much more than thinly sliced. They ended up about the thickness of my pinky finger. I imagine them back there going “Lets see how much spice this white girl can handle, lol” and chuckling between themselves. Though I am sure this did not happen, I like to look at life with humor and smiles and laughter.

On a random side note: my diet coke says my name is Patricia today…

Venturing into the Unknown

ok, so, I love cooking, and I love food. You all know much about this. I am busy now figuring out how to make the recipes I love so much for the restaurant I want so much to make! I have already made pho (pronounced fuh according to the little research I have done…) 3 times this week, trying to perfect the recipe. I am closer than I was, but not where I want to be eventually. I can’t wait!

I am considering moving to California for the restaurant. I am so excited, but also a bit terrified! There is  so much to get past with this. ill have to hold down a regular job for a while, and still work on the business, but I am determined to do it! Wish me well!!!

Les Miserables (the miserables)

Set in post-revolution France, from the afterwards of revolution through the beginning of the student revolution of 1832, it shows a society in which the new Bourgeoisie (the rich and socially and economically influential) still do not care about the low realms of society. Left forgotten, these miserables are destined to face the harshness of life on their own. The overshadowing lessons in this movie are those of reaching out to those who are hurting, and the story of redemption.

At the beginning of the week, I went to Les Miserables with Dad. It was Incredible! They filmed it so well. It is wonderful seeing actors and actresses doing their best to sing their hearts out in such a performance. It was filled with raw emotion! It has been so many years since I performed it in high school, and I was reminded of what a genuinely human story it is.

What a powerful performance and heart wrenching rises and falls. I almost never go to movies, but I am going to go to this one again. It is  a must see. Although many of us have not gone through the exact things that the individuals in the film, we have had extremely relate-able emotional trials in life! I cried several times from the intensity of emotion in the film.

Clear moral conflict resounds clearly in many decision moments, and I believe, even though there is a bit of risque talk around the inn (clearly meant to show what kind of people are taking advantage of poor little cosette, and her mother Fantine) I still believe you would turn out better for watching this incredible musical.

I would definitely recommend going to this one, maybe with a couple of tissues if you are like me.




On January 21st 2013, one of my friends, an amazing man named David Parsons III, is going to break the world record for hugs in one day. He will hug 10,000 people over the course of the day; an average of 7 per minute; raising funding to give hope to children fighting cancer a second time.

When I was young, one of my friends was granted a wish when suffering through leukemia, sending he and his family on a trip to Hawaii to spend some quality time together. PLEASE consider becoming a part of this great thing by pledging a hug, or sponsoring hugs, and give hope to these children!

From my understanding (which is, so far, limited) you just go to the following page, and send a message saying that you would be interested in either pledging a hug or sponsoring.

hug hug1